Shell island sailing and power boat club

 Shell Island Sailing and Power Boat Club was formed in 1984 by like minded individuals from many different backgrounds with the common love of all things boating.  The club endeavours to welcome new members to what we like to call ourselves a big group of friends. In the club we work with each other whenever there is a need whether it be with boat maintenance a lift with a tender or to lend a cup of sugar.

Charity Work

As Sailors and Power Boat owners we have a huge respect for the sea and have seen over the years how cruel it can be. We appreciate the brave men and women who listen and watch out for us whilst we enjoy our hobbies and cannot emphasize enough the great work they do. It is due to this we raise money for the RNLI  and Welsh Air Ambulance every year, One of the main events we put on is the Shell Island Gala where all are welcome and all profits go to these worthy causes.

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